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Bridal Shower
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Touch Screen
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Insert and Frame
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Video Booth
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Enclosed Booth
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Custom Flash Drive

Professional Photo Booth Services you can rely on in Chicagoland! We are on a mission to make you have a successful, memorable, fun-tastic event, whether it is a wedding, shower, fundraiser, corporate event or private party.
With the efficiency of the touchscreen to digitally share your photos, LED lighting, and streaming music, we set the tone for your event.

We have fun props and music to deliver the excitement you are looking for or we have inspirational custom text/templates for any special event that needs promoting or fundraising.
We can use a hashtag of your choosing and post your photos live to Instagram/Twitter etc. if you need help promoting for a special event.

You can choose to share your photos instantly using text, email, or Facebook. You can choose music artists to stream in the booth. Open Air Booth or Enclosed- You decide!
Are you a veteran or service member? Please let us know so we can apply a discount. We thank you for your service!
Let us be a part of your special day or event and create memories to last a lifetime.

Do you need any ideas for hosting your event, what charities you want to donate to? Here are a few suggestions:
Foundation for Women's Cancer
Pediatric Cancer Foundation
Gildas Club Chicago
Harmony House for Cats =^..^=
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
MS Society
Apna Ghar
International Justice Mission
Equality Illinois
Paws Chicago
We think it is very important to be involved in the community and make a difference wherever we can. We look forward to being involved in your future events.

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Jiff Rides Video
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